Monday, November 24, 2008


Published Nov. 12, 2008 by The Current Sauce

Tipping is subjective, not a science.

The constantly changing U.S. economy has affected the way people spend, splurge and save. Some people have pinched their pennies in areas that they feel will benefit their wallets instead of others' incomes - like tipping their servers at restaurants.

In past years, a widely accepted gratuity standard has been 15 percent of a bill. Some cell phones even include a convenient "tip calculator" that use the 15 percent rule.

YouTube users share unique views

Published Nov. 5, 2008 by The Current Sauce

Some NSU students and on-campus groups are realizing the possibilities provided by technology and

YouTube is home to millions of videos - from episodes of beloved '90s cartoons to up-to-the-minute election coverage - posted from locations all over the world, including Natchitoches.

While many NSU students use YouTube as a tool for finding music videos and episodes of their favorite TV shows, some students have uploaded their own videos of silly skits to the site.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Violin professor takes center stage

Published Oct. 29, 2008 by The Current Sauce

Light filters in through the windows of Andrej Kurti's studio in the afternoon, splaying across the blue plush lining of his open violin case.

A small icon decorated with an Orthodox Christian image rests against the neck of the exquisitely carved wooden instrument. The low, clear sound of a nearby euphonium rehearsal seeps through the walls.

Kurti leans back in his chair at his computer, catching a breath after his hectic day of back-to-back violin and viola lessons and long rehearsals with the orchestra.

It's 5 p.m. and his day is nowhere near over. Each night, he practices violin for about four hours to keep his bow steady and his fingers in shape, building up strength for his next solo performance.

His concert, scheduled for Nov. 3 at 7:30 p.m. in Magale Recital Hall, will feature music by Bach and composer Eugene Ysaye, on whom Kurti wrote his dissertation for his doctorate. The classical pieces certainly reflect Kurti's skill, but his vast repertoire includes more than just sonatas. Kurti, a professor of violin at NSU, has been featured as a recording artist for more than 45 albums on electric and acoustic violin. Dozens of posters and photographs are taped against a wall in his studio, displaying his past performances and future plans.

ROTC cadets strive to meet goals

Published Oct. 29, 2008 in The Current Sauce

Leanne Taylor, a sophomore psychology major, stretched her legs one Tuesday morning before a two-mile run test, keeping her muscles active for the brisk jog ahead.

Running won't be a huge part of her work after college - she plans to fly helicopters for active duty in the Army - but she said she appreciates the chance to stay in shape. She takes regular physical fitness tests to maintain her Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) scholarship requirements.

The Army ROTC elective curriculum at NSU prepares students to be commissioned as officers in the military once they graduate.